Number 35

Thirty five is a tetrahedral number, the licence plate code of Izmir in Turkey, and the minimum age of candidates for election to the United States Presidency. To me the number thirty five is the position I placed in the 2012 CSSOff, a global competition for front-end developers.

CSSOff 2012

One of the driving factors for me entering into this competition was the valuable feedback that is offered by having other professionals review the quality of my entry I am yet to review and address all the feedback I received but for comparison purposes my score was summarised as follows, placing me at number 35 of over 400 entries:

  • Code Cleanliness: 7.5
  • Code Semantics: 7.25
  • Code Validation: 5
  • Match Original Design: 7
  • Good Choice Points: 7
  • Interactions: 5.8
  • Modern Browser Support: 8
  • Legacy Browser Support: 4
  • Overall Project Size: 4
  • Resource Optimization: 6
  • Responsive Implementation: 7

Wayne Moir

User Experience Designer